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Leadership Embodiment Information Event – EN

13 June van 16:00 - 17:00

About this training

Are you a leader or manager in an organization, an entrepreneur, trainer, coach or consultant? Learn how to respond to stress and pressure with greater confidence and integrity. Get mind, body, emotions and intuition in sync while facing challenges in today’s continuously changing world. Join the event and find out if Leadership Embodiment is the training for you.

Would you like to experience a training, before making a final choice? Get to know Leadership Embodiment through this online information session. The trainer organizes a live session of one hour, during which you can experience part of the training and ask all of your questions.

The trainer gives you a taste of the program in an interactive way. During the session, you will complete a short exercise and reflect on your own practice situation. You will be introduced to the practical techniques for listening attentively, making your point powerfully, and inspired leadership. You may already have these skills, but now it’s about being able to do that under pressure and in challenging situations.

The program of the information event is as follows:

  • Welcome! We will introduce ourselves briefly (2 min)
  • Explanation of content, structure and target group of the training (8 min)
  • The trainer gives you a taste of the training (45 min)
  • Time for questions and personal advice (5 min)
  • Joint closure. We look forward to seeing you!

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